This is the house where most of the Tongs family were born, including me. It is located in St. Peter Port Guernsey, Channel Islands, at 40 Bordage Street, known as La Rue de Bordage. 

Grandfather William Tongs, made baskets there, as did my Father Alfred Tongs from about the mid-1800's until the death of my father in 1957. The Tongs family were known as Craftsman in the art of Willow Work, Cane and Rush work. They made Baskets, Fishing Creel's, Bird Cages, and any type of wicker-work, including Babies Cradles.

Note the sign over the main window.



 “ When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there. 

The Order of Prince Henry the Navigator (PortugueseOrdem do Infante Dom Henrique) is a Portuguese National Order of Knighthood created on 2 June 1960, to commemorate the quincentenary of the death of the Infante Henry the Navigator (known in Portuguese as Henrique), fifth son of King John I of Portugal and his queen, Philippa of Lancaster. Minor reforms of the constitution of the Order occurred in 1962 and 1980. It is a five-tier order, whose titles are awarded for relevant services to Portugal and for services in the expansion of the Portuguese culture, its history and its values (with a particular focus on its maritime history). The number of members in each grade is restricted by its constitution, and titles are attributed by special decree by the Grand Master of the Order, i.e., the President of the Republic of Portugal.

I was introduced to Sir Noel Dryden by Ralph Strachen who worked with me at Caversham Park Village. In the mid 1960’s we formed Sir Noel Dryden & Partners, Land & Real Estate Agents. Noel Dryden, was originally an actor on BBC Radio during the late 1930-40’s , he later became, Sir Noel Percy Hugh Dryden, 7th/10th Bt. was born on 24 December 1910. He married Rosamund Mary Scrope, daughter of Stephen Scrope, on 22 August 1941. He died on 23 March 1970 at age 59.He was educated at Stowe School, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, England. Ralph and I carried on the business and relocated to Braod Street in the City of London, it was from this point that I started the largest land selling company in the UK called CET Capital land Holdings, with offices in the City and Grand Buildings in Trafalgar Square. Later I acquired BSQ Securities Limited a UK London Public Corporation.

Norman Islander Twin.

A pilot since the early 1960's. The captioned photos is of our Norman Islander in South Africa circa 1970. We built the Western Area Airport, near Johannesurg.

Outside 2 Eton Place, Belgravia London 1975

I met James Roosevelt through Bernie Confeld President of IOS (Investors Overseas) in the mid 1970's. I had known Cornfeld since his days of selling insurance to the US Army Military perssonel. Cornfeld pioneered the Dover Plan and went onto become one of the rischest men in the USA. He later lost the majority of his money, but still had many parties both at his home in Hollywood at 22 Carolyn Way, and in London at the famous address of One West Halkin Street, known for its own night club in the basement. Roosevelt in 1969 was stabbed in the back by his wife, so said the Swiss Police.


Roosevelt joined IOS despite the overseas firm's concurrent investigation by the SEC for numerous irregularities. In Geneva in May 1969, during the unraveling of IOS, James's third wife, Irene Owens, stabbed him "eight times" with his "own Marine combat knife"[12] while he was preparing divorce proceedings.[13] When fugitive financier Robert Vesco obtained control of IOS from Bernie Cornfeld and absconded with approximately $200 million, Roosevelt initially stayed on under Vesco. James later wrote that "As soon as I saw the situation for what it was, in 1971, I resigned my position."[14] However, this episode resulted in U.S. charges being laid against Roosevelt and several others, and in a Swiss arrest warrant. Roosevelt returned to California, settling in Newport Beach, and charges were dropped. He became associated with the Nixon Administration in several capacities and remained friendly with Richard Nixon until the latter's death.[15]

Despite having been a liberal Democrat all of his life, James Roosevelt joined Democrats for Nixon and publicly supported President Nixon's re-election in 1972[16] and also supported Ronald Reagan in 1980[17] and 1984.[18]

His writings include Affectionately, FDR (with Sidney Shalett, 1959) and My Parents, a Differing View (with Bill Libby, 1976). The latter was written in part as a response to his brother Elliott Roosevelt's book An Untold Story, which told of FDR's marital issues and was fiercely repudiated by the other siblings. He authored the novel A Family Matter (with Sam Toperoff, 1979), and edited The Liberal Papers, published 1962.

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About Us

Legacy Life Limited was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Ever since our organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest.


Our team is made up entirely of volunteers. We advocate for those who need our help. Even a little help goes a long way.


That is why we are especially happy to find new volunteers who share our commitment to doing good in the world. Do you want to support us by helping with our work? Then do not hesitate to contact us. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!

Colin Tongs has been involved with the development and sales of real estate and townships in numerous countries throughout his 45 years of experience.


Among some of the notable developments are the following completed developments.


United Kingdom


Colin was an ardent proponent of American Marketing techniques and forward thinking in township design, which proved successful in the development of the “Radburn’s principle” at Caversham Park, England.


Caversham Park Village was a 1,760 multi-use unit Village development located in Reading England. Caversham was designed around the Radburn Principle.


Radburn was a product of thoughtful planners who wanted to introduce the Garden City concept to America. This group of planners formed a discussion circle, named the Regional Planning Association of America (RPAA). In addition to the Garden City concept, they had foreseen the adverse effect of the automobile on residential environments and proposed solutions for it. The City Housing Corporation (CHC), a private development company, realized their ideas. After the world wars, only the alluring term of "garden suburb" survived in the market, and the conventional development pattern has prevailed in American suburbs.


Among other developments in the UK were 164 units in Crowmarsh at Thames Mead. Oxfordshire, 15 Georgian Homes in Ewelme, Berkshire. 26 Town Homes in High Wickham sold to the US Navy. 145 Lots in Holyport, Berkshire,. Also Lot Development in Surrey, Alton Hampshire & Kent.


1969-1972 South Africa


In association with Architect Alan Labie of Skidmore Merrill & Owen, New York. The Carlton Center in Johannesburg, South Africa was built in 1970-1972. Among other South African township developments were the following: -


  • Roodeport Extensions: 212 Single Family Lots
  • Heidleberg Estates: 189 Single Family Lots
  • Collette Park, Springs: 185 Single Family Lots
  • Meyerton Small Farms:  350 Units
  • Hunter’s Glen: 284 Single Family Lots
  • West Field Airport: Development Only


Time Sharing

Colin Tongs was probably one of the first developers that started the time share industry way back in the late 1960’s in Italy. The Time Share industry grew from many teething troubles into a billion dollar industry in the 1980’s. In 1982 he perfected an instrument called the “Holiday Bond”, which went a stage further than time sharing. The Holiday Bond became famous in the United Kingdom, where buyers were assured by guarantee of a return on their capital and a repurchase program at the end of 15 – 20 years. Now under development is a new concept called Equitable Resort Ownership, a new way and more suitable method in selling Fractional parts of a Luxury Property.

Gesond Game Park lies just over the Borders of South Africa and Botswana on the Limpopo River, it comprised of over 35,000 hectares of natural game reserve. Lion, Wildebeest, Hippopotamus, Kudu, Wildebeest and Elephant were in abundance and most animals were migratory according to the seasons and food reserves.


Colin spearheaded a consortium comprising of Marty Bregman, Faye Dunaway, Candace Bergen and Liza Minnelli under the management of a successful producer of Hollywood features of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s who has had long collaborations with Al Pacino and Alan Alda. Bregman began his entertainment career as a business and personal manager for many major  performers including Barbra Streisand, Alan Alda, Bette Midler, Michael Douglas and Woody Allen. Already a recognized name in the industry, Bregman launched his career as a film producer with Sidney Lumet's "Serpico" (1973) starring Al Pacino. The concept of developing a Game Park in Botswana was much like the ideas of William Holden who had extensive interests in Kenya’s famous Treetops Hotel. In 1972 the possibility of having several named stars in a venture such as this appealed to both the government and the public. The “Gesond” Game Park, meaning “Health” in Afrikaans, was to be a symbol of animal preservation and a flagship tourist resort. Due to the worsening of the political situation in South Africa at that time, the concept was delayed and eventually abandoned. However, there are still many opportunities in Africa to establish again a similar concept. Colin spent 7 years in Africa where he established an airport in Weston Area and a small airport on the Gesond Reserve.


In 1974 Colin acquired controlling interest in Stanley Tollman’s South Africa’s Court Hotels through his London based public company BSQ Securities, Court was part of the Tollman Hotels Group. Court Hotels, had various real estate assets, with over 900 apartments in Central London, Trafalgar Tours one of the largest UK Travel Company’s and 5 City Center Hotels.  Tollman later built “Old Town” in Kissimmee, next door to Disney and is now a well-known tourist attraction.



Paradise Island


During this time, Colin’s friend and colleague, Solly Kerzner, who later developed the “Atlantis Resort” in Paradise Island, Bahamas after buying it from Merv Griffiths. Colin had sold Sol Kerzner Beacon Island Resort in South Africa in 1978 and it was through this meeting that Colin came to the USA on behalf of Kerzner to sell and market another Hotel project in Botswana.


However, the Angolan war was to spell disaster for this project. Colin remained in Florida, meeting again with Solly Kerzner in the mid 1980’s.


Time Sharing Versus Holiday Bond


During the late 1960’s Capital Land Holdings in the UK, headed by Colin Tongs was one of the first companies to commence time sharing, with the first project in Italy. During the time when “Time Sharing” was becoming a haven for ill-reputable salesman, Colin designed the “Holiday Bond” with the first conceptual development to be built on Mustang Island, Texas. This was a revolutionary way of selling Interval Ownership, which was basically guaranteed by a Financial Bond and repayment schedule over the life of the Bond. This concept was quickly copied and several companies in the UK sold several hundred million dollars in bonds within a very short period. In effect Capital Land was the forerunner of “Time Share” as it is today.



1980-1982 Marketing Director for European operations for Roland International, sold extensively in South and Central Florida including, Flager Estates, Homestead, Flagler Estates, Quail Roost, Miami. Bought and sold 400 lots in Lake Estates, Inverness, Florida.


1982-1996 St. James Park, Florida. A Single Family Subdivision, planned for over 400 units. Completed 69 Single Family Homes all custom built in architecturally designed Tudor, French provincial, Modern, New England & Spanish styles.








Presently under construction. Duplex Units in Sebring Florida Colin Tongs as agent for All American Homes in North Carolina and Zanesville Ohio. Single Family Homes Avon Park and  Sebring, Florida.











The Grand Bahamas

The sale and development of 400 hundred Royal Bahamian Lots.








Sete, South of France.


The sale of Camping Units in Sete near Ahle for a French Small Holiday Resort, famous for it’s nudist colonies and natural living.





In the rolling hills of southeastern Ohio a new and unique natural community is being developed by Wolf Run Communities. The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains are an ideal setting for this exciting new development concept catering to active, environmentally responsible adults.

From the championship Golf Course at Wolf Run to the state-of-the-art Spa and Fitness Center and the HealthZone USA alternative health clinic, members of the community will have easy access to some of the best amenities available anywhere.

The community will be geared toward adults of all ages with special attention to creating a comfortable and safe environment for the growing baby boomer generation as they come to retirement. Homes will be designed with both permanent and seasonal residents in mind.

The project will be approached in five phases. The property to be developed has a number of high-quality existing structures that will be easily adapted for use in all phases of the project. For instance, a portion of the existing office building will be converted to the HealthZone USA clinic. The balance of the office building will be used for project executive offices. Eventually we anticipate that HealthZone USA will take over the entire building.

A beautifully-built, existing stone and stucco structure will be converted to The Spa at Wolf Run. Other existing barns and maintenance buildings will be used by the developers during construction and then converted to facilities for use in conjunction with the golf course and community maintenance. Finally there is an elegant manor house and a charming guest house which can have multiple uses, such as luxury Bed & Breakfast and temporary Club House.


Colin E. Tongs
2605 Kenilworth Boulevard

Sebring Florida 33870


Education 1942 – 1945, Ackroyd Place School, Halifax, Yorkshire.
1945 – 1950, Notre Dam du Rosaire, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Ch. Isles.
1950 – 1951, St. Joseph’s, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Ch. Isles.
1952 – 1955, No. 6 Boys Training Regiment, Royal Corp of Signals.
Equivalent Military First Class Education = to 5 - O Levels.

University of Novus: Masters in Law

1954 - Was chosen to represent the British Army on an expedition to the Arctic by the British Schools Exploring Society, (Patron in Chief H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester), together with 67 boys from Trinity College, Wellington, Harrow, Eton, Westminster and Gordonstoun represented by the Earl of Winchelsea.


Military Service
Served 10 years British Army, 1955 with 7th Signals Regiment (One British Corps), Germany. 1956, Aldershot & Suez, Nairobi, East Africa, 24th Flying Brigade, Aden, Arabian Peninsula, 2nd Armoured Division Bünde, West Germany. 1962 discharged by purchase, with exemplary conduct:


Awards received
Southern Arabian Peninsula G.S. Medal
East African Star, Queen’s Coronation Medal, 1961 Cold War Medal:

Interests and activities Business Development of Start up of Developing and Emerging Companies Languages German, Swahili, Work experience: Pilot 1962 – 1964, Jersey Airlines, Guernsey, Channel Islands
1964 – 1965 Frankfurt, German Aviation School, Trainee Pilot
1965 – 1968, Trafalgar House, London, England
Marketing & Sales Director
1968 – 1975, The Loverock Organization, Johannesburg, South Africa
(Chairman & Chief Executive) Westfield Aviation Ltd., Air Amerique, 1975 – 1989, TransWorld Network a multi-national media company BSQ Securities Limited (Chairman & Chief Executive)


Mr. Tong’s business experiences post his military service was with Trafalgar House. During the-mid 1960’s and was assistant to Victor Matthews, later Lord Matthew’s of Fleet. Assisting in mergers and acquisitions, Ideal Homes, Cunard Shipping and several other multi-national Corporations

He also assisted in the acquisitions of various property companies, namely Ideal Homes, later to become New Ideal Homes, a National Home Builder. In 1968, Mr. Tongs travelled to South Africa as an Executor to his Aunt’s Estate.  During this period he set up a group of companies under the Banner of the Loverock Group. Due to his experience in Trafalgar House, he rapidly built up a major property empire of several million pounds, with interests in Aviation, Film Production, Entertainment, Travel & Tourism,


Entertainment and property developments in Israel and Southern Rhodesia. In 1972 Loverock built and operated an Airfield, in Westonaria, NR. Johannesburg, (Westfield Aviation). In 1973 Mr. Tongs acquired a controlling interest in BSQ Securities, a London based public company with interests in Ceylonese Tea Plantations, North Sea Oil and certain UK property mortgages. The company made a bid for Court Hotels, which comprised of 900 apartments in central London, 5 major London Hotels, Trafalgar Tours and Australian Express. In 1975 due to the Oil Crisis and extreme down turn in the British tourist industry, the brokers to the bid, reneged on their support, the consequences of which forced the company into liquidation.

1978 – 1996 has been employed by various companies as corporate consultant was instrumental in pioneering “Home Shopping” on US Television. Built several hundred luxury homes and resorts in Central Florida. Devised a new method of “Time Share”, now called the Holiday Bond.

1996 – 1999 Managing Director of Woodbridge Financial Company Limited, a mergers and acquisition corporate consultant company. Clients include Medical Sciences Technology Corporation, a research and development medical company. Chancellor Tobacco Corporation, AlphaScan International, Inc. Woodbridge is responsible for acquiring listings on the US National Quotation Bureau for all of these companies.
Further Studies Presently studying law with the Open University and a Masters in Legal Letters, Novus University, California. Hobbies Private & Commercial Flying. Card & Coin Magic, Exploration, Sailing


References: The Lord John Butterfield. Dr. Victor Silva, Dr. Julian J. Kenyon MD. Professor Keith Mumby. The Honorable Claude Kirk, Former Governor of The State of Florida. James R. Leone Esq., Securities Attorney, Hugh I. Taylor. Names and addresses supplied. Security clearance 1984 – 1995 Member of The National Advisory Board to the American Security Council and Congressional Advisor the Reagan Administration.


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