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Noel Coward

Philip Asheton Tonge (26 April 1897 – 28 January 1959) was an English actor. Born into a theatrical family, he was a child actor, making his stage debut at the age of five. Among the stars with whom he performed while he was a boy were Henry IrvingHerbert Beerbohm TreeEllen Terry and Johnston Forbes-Robertson. His colleagues as child actors included Hermione GingoldMary GlynneEsmé Wynne-Tyson and Noël Coward.

Tonge's adult acting career was in the US, where he and his parents settled after the First World War. He made numerous appearances in Broadway productions, including nine Coward plays. Among his films were Miracle on 34th StreetHans Christian Andersen (1952) and Witness for the Prosecution (1957). See also:-


Philip was also the first person to introduce Noel Coawrd to a homosexual relationship. The name of Tongs was changed to Tonge after our great grandfather, was deported to Australia in circa 193o as a Convict.See:- Web site at:-

My Aunt Lillian Tonge, who died in Swaziland in the mid 1960's was the only member of my direct family to change her name from Tongs to Tonge.

Philip Tonge dated about 1930

In December 1911 Tonge played Crispian Carey in Where the Rainbow Ends. The adult stars were Reginald Owen as St George of England andLydia Bilbrook as Crispian's mother. Other children in the cast included Gingold, Esmé Wynne-Tyson and the twelve-year-old Noël Coward.[6]Coward idolised Tonge, with whom he had his first sexual experience.

Tonge and Noël Coward inWhere the Rainbow Ends, 1911


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